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The Valmond & Gibson 165CW structurally glazed, thermally broken curtain wall system delivers unparalleled benefits, including energy efficiency, rapid supply, reduced project risk, quick installation, performance confidence, and sustainability.

The 165CW System

Innovative and Australian-Made

Designed, tested, and manufactured in Australia, the 165CW system meets your project’s specific needs, ensuring lasting comfort, sustainability, and durability. From swift supply and minimised project risks to exceptional energy efficiency and custom sunshade integration, the 165CW system stands out as a premier choice.

Project Risk Reduction

Manufactured locally, the 165CW system ensures a reliable supply chain that speeds up delivery and reduces project delays. Adherence to Australian standards guarantees robust support and minimises risks associated with international sourcing.

Energy Efficiency

The 165CW exceeds national energy efficiency standards, incorporating polyamide strips and thermally broken adaptors to minimise heat transfer, reduce energy costs, and lower the building’s carbon footprint.


Utilising aluminium with up to 75% lower carbon emissions, the 165CW system promotes greener building practices, meeting environmental goals and stringent regulatory demands for eco-friendly construction solutions.

Sunshade Integration and Customisation Efficiency

Advanced sunshade integration enhances functionality and aesthetics. Built-in brackets support horizontal and vertical fins, optimising solar control and minimising thermal bridging. Customizable sunshades in various shapes and sizes provide tailored solutions, simplifying installation while maintaining a sleek, modern look.

Performance and Reliability

NATA-accredited testing ensures the 165CW’s high performance and durability. Its versatility supports various glass thicknesses and withstands diverse environmental conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of architectural applications.

Ease of Installation

Innovatively designed for streamlined installation, the 165CW system reduces labor costs and project timelines. Key features include integrated sunshade brackets, removable glazing adaptors, and multiple framing options, enhancing installation efficiency.

Custom Solutions and Support

Valmond & Gibson offer comprehensive project support, from system guidance to custom extrusions. This ensures tailored installations that meet specific project requirements, enhancing overall satisfaction and project outcomes.

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