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Newcastle Renovation

Cladding over Brick, An Absolute Transformation!

 Top Hat Brackets & Top Hat

 conneQt Batten System – 150mm Cap

A typical solid brick unit block of its time, located in Broadmeadow, Newcastle was an ideal opportunity to demonstrate the transformational effects of cladding!

The impressive project by local professional Fuller Building Solutions, completely gutting internals, adjusting internal configurations and replacing all aluminium windows and adding modern fittings and appliances. In regards to the facade, the initial concept was to paint the existing brickwork just to refresh and bring inline with the quality of the modern internals.

With assistance from Valmond & Gibson’s specification team, it was decided to explore the option to complete the front facade in their interloQ Aluminium Cladding System. This low maintenance, long lasting aluminium interlocking system, combined with commercial grade powder coat has lifted the street appeal dramatically for the property owners and the area in general. 


Unlike timber framed walls, cladding over existing brick can be challenging, with walls not square and the general uneven nature of some brick types. To overcome this challenge, top hats brackets were used to allow adjustment in the top hats, improving the ability to square up and level the sub frame for quick cladding installation.

A protective moisture barrier was then installed, protecting the brick that although was an external wall it will now not have the ability to dry naturally. This barrier is installed as per specification and capping provided at the roofing line to seal. If considering this process, please consult your waterproofing consultant on the exact requirements of your project.

Modern Look with minimal maintenance

To modify the existing flat face of the building, simple window hoods were added to highlight the windows and provide an architectural feature. Powdercoated in the colour of the painted side brickwork this breaks up the facade with increased aesthetic appeal.

Feature Window Hoods – conneQt

These window hoods are simply installed using Valmond & Gibson’s conneQt Batten System, with a base fixed to a top hat structure and a 150mm Cap clipping over the top. Combining with coated endcaps and fixings, the end result is neat and clean.

Absolute Transformation