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Valmond & Gibson can provide specialist advice and supply for both larger Multi-Unit Residential and Townhouses (MURT) projects or luxury private residences.

Our total commitment to style, building compliance and the provision of safe façades for the multi-residential sector is something that sets us apart from any other provider in the market. Naturally the primary concern for residential projects is always safety -followed by outstanding aesthetics and durability.

Multi-unit residential & apartmentsMulti-unit residential & apartments

The Valmond & Gibson range helps architects and builders design and deliver extraordinary exteriors with safe, code-compliant cladding and curtain wall solutions. Designed for quick and cost-effective installation, all Valmond & Gibson products require minimal ongoing maintenance and can be customised to suit each use.

Beautiful textures & finishesBeautiful textures & finishes

With our range of products, colours and finishes you'll be confident of finding a distinctive appeal to your building. All clients have a particular aesthetic they are looking to achieve, and Valmond & Gibson is always able to deliver with a range of practical options for finishes that look fantastic and are still easy to install and maintain.

Private residentialPrivate residential

Many modern luxury residential projects now call for stunning façade treatments. The Valmond & Gibson range is the ideal solution for clients looking to make installation fast and easy while achieving extreme visual appeal. Of course, standards of safety and fire performance are never compromised.

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