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Whether the application is to reclad a building to make it safe, or be specified for use on a new façade, element13 non-combustible panels have been crafted to provide a high performance cladding solution offering peace of mind to specifiers, builders and ultimately the building owner.
pre-finished aluminium panels.
pre-finished aluminium panels.

Product Benefits


element13 is constructed using solid aluminium making it an ideal product for all applications where the use of non-combustible panels are required; such as high-rise buildings, schools or hospitals.

It is certifiably non-combustible in accordance with the NCC Section C.


Our commitment to achieving the highest quality for our clients and customers is reflected in our sourcing of materials.

The implementation of a complete quality control system ensures delivery of consistently high quality products to the client.


element13 is highly durable and impact resistant. These qualities make it an ideal choice for use in harsh environments and high traffic areas.

Our superior selection of PPG’s

PVDF paint finishes provide superior long-lasting UV resistance, corrosion resistance and gloss retention.


element13 is 100% recyclable offering an eco-friendly solution that makes meeting sustainable construction demands much easier.

element13 is resistant to heavy metal erosion which ensures that both personal and global environments are improved.


element13 is consistent with typical façade cladding fabrication & construction methods meaning element13 can be fabricated and installed to comply with the NCC FP1.4 weatherproofing performance requirements.

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