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What is element13?

element13 is a non-combustible, pre-finished solid aluminium cladding panel used for architectural applications, offering compliance, durability, and versatility.

What are the dimensions and weights available for element13 panels?
  • Standard Dimensions:
    • Width: 1250 mm / 1500 mm
    • Length: 3200 mm / 4000 mm
    • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 8.13 kg/m²
What colours and finishes are available for element13?

element13 is available in a variety of finishes including metallic shimmer, contemporary matte, high gloss, and special surface effects such as wood grain. Custom colour matching is available for larger project orders.

Is element13 non-combustible?

Yes, element13 is certified non-combustible and has been tested by CSIRO to meet AS1530.1 standards.

What is the warranty period for element13?

element13 comes with a warranty of up to 20 years when installed by a qualified installer.

How should element13 panels be cleaned and maintained?

Regular cleaning with warm or cold detergent solutions is recommended. Avoid using abrasive tools or harsh chemicals. Solvents like alcohol and mineral spirits can be used with caution for tougher stains.

Can element13 panels be curved or bent?

Yes, element13 can be rolled to create curved panels with a minimum bending radius of 15 times the material thickness. It can also be hand folded along V-groove routed fold lines.

What are the installation guidelines for element13?
  • Install panels in the same direction as marked on the protective film.
  • Use proper insulators or caulking tape to avoid corrosive action when in contact with dissimilar metals.
  • Ensure colour consistency by placing the total order for a project at once.
What are the environmental benefits of element13?

element13 is 100% recyclable and resistant to heavy metal erosion, making it an eco-friendly solution for sustainable construction.

How should element13 panels be handled and stored?
  • Store horizontally in a flat, cool, dry environment.
  • Avoid contact with sharp edges and remove swarf during and after fabrication.
  • Use at least two people to manoeuvre large panels to avoid damage and injury.
What is interloQ?

interloQ is a non-combustible, interlocking extruded aluminium cladding system designed for both commercial and residential projects. It offers complete architectural freedom and is available in various finishing options.

Is interloQ environmentally friendly?

Yes, interloQ panels are 100% recyclable, making them an eco-friendly choice that meets sustainable construction demands.

How are InterloQ panels installed?

interloQ panels can be installed vertically or horizontally using standard angle trims or architectural profile trims. Detailed installation guides are provided in the technical manual. For complete install training, watch this video.

Can interloQ panels be customised?

 Yes, interloQ panels can be finished with powder coating, anodising, woodgrain effects, or custom colours to suit any architectural requirements.

What is the recommended method for cutting and machining interloQ panels?

interloQ panels can be cut with commonly available aluminium cutting saws, and machining can be done using high-quality High-Speed Steel (HSS) centre point drill bits.

Are there any special handling or storage instructions for interloQ panels?
  • Avoid contact with sharp edges to prevent scratching
  • Store in a flat, cool, dry environment or vertically in a supported frame
  • Use separation material between finished surfaces when stacking
  • Ensure swarf is removed during and after fabrication
What is the recommended maintenance for interloQ panels?
  • Regular cleaning with warm or cold detergent solutions is recommended
  • Use a soft brush and mild detergent solution (pH-neutral) in warm water
  • Avoid using solvents like turpentine, white spirits, or thinners
  • Rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water after cleaning
How long is the warranty for InterloQ panels?

 interloQ panels come with up to a 20-year warranty when installed by a qualified installer. The duration of the warranty depends on the selected finish and product range. Additionally, we offer an extended warranty of up to 30 years for certain powder-coated finishes. For more details on pricing and availability, please contact our customer service team.

What should be avoided to ensure the longevity of interloQ panels?
  • Avoid rubbing powder coating excessively
  • Keep sunscreens away from powder-coated surfaces as they may adversely affect the finish
What is the maximum panel height the V&G 165CW can be made?

Max Panel height is dependent on a few variables such as project wind loads, panel width and mullion selection. V&G have tested the 165CW up to 4392mm high at 1744mm wide at a nominated wind load. Refer to our test reports for more information and consult your Engineer for a project

What is the maximum panel width the V&G 165CW can be made?

Max Panel width, just like height, is dependent on a few variables such as project wind loads, panel height, transom selection and glass weight. V&G have tested the 165CW up to 2100mm wide at 3700mm high at a nominated wind load. Refer to our test reports for more information and consult your Engineer for a project assessment.

What is the maximum serviceable & ultimate wind loads the V&G 165CW can be used in?

The current testing of V&G 165CW have been successful up to ±1950 Pa SLS and ±3000 Pa ULS at a panel size of 3700mm heigh x 2100mm wide. Refer to our test reports for more information and consult your Engineer for a project assessment.

What is the maximum glass thickness the V&G 165CW can accommodate?

With the current offer of glazing adaptors the 165CW can accept IGU’s ranging from 24mm up to 40mm in thickness.

Does the V&G 165CW have a single glaze adaptor?

With the current focus on fenestration energy ratings and condensation the V&G 165CW does not have a dedicated single glaze adaptor. Our market research resulted in this not being a frequently required option.

Is the V&G 165CW thermally broken?

Yes, the V&G 165CW has a removeable Polyamide glazing adaptor surrounding the glass unit. This breaks and separates the aluminium between the framing from inside to outside in the plane of the glazing.

Is there estimation software for the V&G 165CW?

Yes, the V&G 165CW is available with a Logikal database by Orgadata.

Can the V&G 165CW accept horizontal and vertical sunshades?

Yes, the V&G 165CW has a custom designed, low conductive sunshade bracket system which allows vertical and horizontal fin connections.

Is the V&G 165CW stocked or is it project order only?

Our warehouse in Auburn NSW stocks the majority of the main framing and commonly used sections in mill finish. Ask one of our team for a wallchart which itemises the non stocked sections and discuss the ordering procedure.

Does V&G fabricate and install?

V&G are a systems designer and distributor. Project fabrication must be completed by independent qualified Fabricators.

Does V&G provide project assistance?

Yes absolutely, assistance is welcomed for systems guidance, custom extrusions and fabrication queries. Although engineering does need to be assessed independently and is the responsibility of the Fabricator and their project teams.

Can the V&G165CW be curved?

Yes, we have successfully tested and supplied multiple projects with curved stack joints and transoms creating perfectly mating curved panels.

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