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Click-on Cladding

Our Click-on cladding combines our unique Click-on connection with traditional tongue & groove cladding methodology to deliver a non-combustible aluminium cladding solution available in a range of quality finishes and profiles.

The System

Unlike traditional cladding, our easy to specify system offers a range of unique profile suites which can be used in any combination to create deep and rich textures. Consisting of lightweight aluminium extrusions and uses modular components that allow designers flexibility to create a truly unique façade, while maintaining its ease of installation.

Deemed non-combustible under AS 1530.1, Click-on Cladding is a fire compliant solution available in a variety of high quality finishes to suit almost any design intent.

The unique Click-on connection replaces traditional screw fixings, reducing time on-site and ensuring an accurate installation without the need for specialist labour.

Realistic Wood Finish Options

Our range of timber look options provides the natural warmth of real timber while providing a no maintenance, non-combustible rainscreen solution.

Our entire range is highly fade-resistant, proving to be up to three times more resistant to fading than other timber look aluminium products on the market.

Create rich 3D aluminium textures

Our Click-on Cladding has been developed with a focus on providing designers with the required aesthetic options to meet their design intent. Our diverse range of profiles allows architects to create rich textures with depth on any wall, ceiling or facade. Our Series 2 range will certainly create that unique textured facade.

A perfect alternative to Aluminium Composite Panel

For projects which require a cladding look but with more aesthetic value than traditional ACP panelling, our metal cladding is a viable alternative. The unique click-on installation process drastically reduces time-on-site for large scale cladding projects while allowing designers to customise the look of their facade to suit the design language of the project.

How it works

Click-on Cladding utilises our proprietary mounting track system which can be fixed to virtually any substrate. Once the tracks are installed, the boards simply click into the factory fitted clips, allowing speed and accuracy in the installation process.

The revolutionary clip connection provides strength, allows for expansion and prevents unsightly deformation and buckling, commonly known as oil canning. Click on the video below to see how quick and easy the system is to install.

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