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Welcome to the future of architecture with interloQ from Valmond & Gibson. We are the experts in non-combustible interlocking rainscreen panels. Hailing from Australia, we specialise in creating compliant, durable, and functional façades that exceed industry standards. Our products are CSIRO-tested to AS1530.1 and certified 100% non-combustible, guaranteeing unrivalled safety and quality.

interloQ is more than just a cladding system. It's an extruded aluminium masterpiece, expertly designed for both commercial and residential projects. Offering complete architectural freedom, interloQ provides endless design possibilities. Its unique connection design allows for the seamless integration of multiple panel sizes using a common installation method. The pre-punched fixing slots makes installation effortless, whether you're seeking a sharp, clean classic look or a customised design using our conneQt adaptors.

We are also proud to introduce conneQt, an innovative extruded aluminium seam and batten system.
Specifically designed to integrate with interloQ, conneQt not only meets the same high safety standards
but also provides a comprehensive solution for your project.

The use of extruded aluminium in both interloQ and conneQt ensures a consistent shape, high
strength-to-weight ratio, and extraordinary durability. Corrosion-resistant and versatile, it's the ideal base
for various finishing options to suit your project's architectural needs.

The benefits of interloQ and conneQt extend far beyond their excellent design versatility. They offer straightforward installation, diverse design options, lightweight construction, and 100% non-combustibility. Fully recyclable, these products are a testament to our

commitment to sustainable construction solutions. Additionally, they can be installed vertically or horizontally, providing added flexibility for your design vision.

Customise interloQ and conneQt to match your unique aesthetic with our wide array of colours and finishes. From an extensive selection of powder coat colours to woodgrain effects and anodising, your desired look can be achieved seamlessly.

The installation process is fast and simple. interloQ and conneQt can be cut with commonly available aluminium cutting saws and drilled using high-quality High-Speed Steel (HSS) centre point drill bits. Assembly involves fixing with rivets or screws, depending on the specifications.

We invite you to explore our website to discover the many benefits of interloQ and conneQt. For a closer look at our products and their true colours, order your samples online at Rest assured, all our products are proudly designed in Australia, and we back them with a 20-year warranty for your peace of mind.

Step into the new era of façade design with interloQ and conneQt. Welcome to the innovative world of architecture.

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