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interloQ is a locally designed extruded aluminium cladding system. Designed to suit commercial or residential projects, this certified non-combustible product allows complete architectural freedom. With decades of industry experience, interloQ has been crafted for seamless integration. Installed simply as a clean, sharp-lined classic or in conjunction with our conneQt adaptors, interloQ provides endless design possibilities.

Being extruded aluminium, it is the ideal choice of material. Enabling a consistent shape, high strength to weight ratio, durability and corrosion resistance it is the ideal base for various finishing options to suit any project’s architectural requirements.

pre-finished aluminium panels.
pre-finished aluminium panels.

conneQt is a unique, versatile adaptor compatible with interloQ.

With concealed fixings, the conneQt base and adaptor seamlessly attaches to transform the recessed grooves of the interloQ panels to a raised ridge, creating a completely different appearance.

Available separately to interloQ, the conneQt adaptor provides builders and architects with
full creative freedom.

Product Benefits

Effortless Installation

interloQs modern simplified system approach reduces installation time on site, controlling budgets without compromising quality. Concealed fixings into pre-punched slots allow simple installation, as well as the capacity for lineal expansion regardless of panel option.


Often left as an afterthought, interloQs trims and accessories have been built into the design. With options to suit all appearances and budgets, a range of trims are available to finish ends, internal and external corners and concealing fixings to complete an elegant facade.

Finish Options

interloQ finish options allow maximum choice and flexibility. Available in Warranty Grade powder coat, anodised or woodgrain finish. Combined with the conneQt system which can be independently finished, this allows for complete design freedom and even the possibility for a custom multi-finish facade.


interloQ allows maximum design flexibility with the use of the conneQt range of options and features. These components allow for simple, affordable and structurally sound additions to change the appearance of the facade. interloQ panels of varying widths or colours can also be seamlessly integrated together, sharing a common connection.


interloQ panels and conneQt adaptors are lightweight, ensuring greater ease of transportation and installation.


interloQs modern, interlocking system reduces installation time on site, controlling budgets without comprising on quality. Concealed fixings ensure a seamless finish, regardless of panel option.

100% Non Combustible

interloQ is produced from 100% Non Combustible aluminium. Tested and certified to AS1530.1, allowing complete compliance and design flexibility.

Vertical and horizontal directional installation

interloQ and conneQt can be custom installed either vertically or horizontally, achieving a custom appearance in your next project.


interloQ is 100% recyclable offering an eco-friendly solution that makes meeting sustainable construction demands much easier.


interloQ is resistant to heavy metal corrosion which ensures that both personal and global environments are improved.

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