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The Circular Economy: Protecting Our EnvironmentThe Circular Economy: Protecting Our Environment

At Valmond & Gibson, we’re determined to play our part in minimising the impacts of the building industry on the planet and our local community.

Our specialist recycling partner Our specialist recycling partner

Recycling hazardous materials with high recovery levels and safety standards is a highly specialised task. Our goal is to encourage and assist in the diversion of 100% of removed cladding from landfill, and to ensure complete safety throughout the process.

For this task we rely on the expert support of PanelCycle, Australia’s largest specialist in cladding recovery and recycling. With resource recovery facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, they support all our projects with a scientific approach to panel recycling.

Cladding waste should be safely recovered, transported and classified. Aluminium and core material components are separated and treated differently before purification to specifications ready for reuse in the circular economy.

By trusting our partners at PanelCycle we concentrate our own resources on client service and cladding innovation to benefit our clients.

Valmond & Gibson uses a dedicated recovery partner because cladding recovery work requires specific skills, a careful process and specialised equipment.

They are Green Star accredited and provide detailed project specific reporting on the process. Each report is audited by a third party waste consultant to provide clients with peace of mind that all information contained within the reports is accurate.

See Panel Cycle Website for more
Cladding recycling advisoryCladding recycling advisory

All Valmond & Gibson clients have a single point of contact. Although our recovery and recycling process is carried out by our partners at PanelCycle, our team is fully trained and experienced in understanding cladding removal and the various issues involved.

Many clients have made their own ESG (Environmental, Sustainability, Governance) commitments to stakeholders and seek our assistance ensuring their project delivers on their promises and targets.

Our experienced team will help you understand any recladding needs including any recycling requirements.

Waste ReductionWaste Reduction

Valmond & Gibson also supports the United Nations 17 ESG (Environment, Sustainability and Governance) principles. In particular, we operate with quality systems designed to eliminate waste though all our business operations.

We expect all our suppliers to adopt a similar approach to reducing waste and increasing reuse of materials wherever feasible.

Environmental ImpactEnvironmental Impact

We want all our customers to know that choosing V&G is always a positive step for our climate.

Our innovative and creative approaches to cladding and curtain wall design always incorporate energy saving features. Clients who choose Valmond & Gibson products can be assured of the latest energy-saving designs.

We will never settle for inefficiency in heat barriers in any of our products. Our innovation team is tasked with finding new features to improve thermal performance.

Cladding industry responsibility Cladding industry responsibility

In the past decade the cladding sector is recovering from a series of issues requiring removal and replacement of inappropriately installed cladding. The industry is, rightly, under high levels of scrutiny.

Although Valmond & Gibson was not involved in the provision of the cladding materials concerned, we want to help ensure new cladding projects maximise recovery of old cladding, and that recycling activity is done at only the highest standards.

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